It was a Goldilocks bakeware dilemma: my pans either too big or too small for a three-serving nectarine crumble. What to do? Manically searching all cabinets, I spy it in a remote corner: the clay Moroccan tagine. An idea bubbles....remove the conical top and voila: the perfect size baking dish! The crumble was pretty perfect too, and so simple. Sliced nectarines below a crumb of 1/2 cup each flour and sugar, 1/4 cup almonds, 1/8 tsp salt all pulsed in food processor, 1/2 stick cold butter added in intermittent cubes, baked in a 425 d. oven. I added favorite flavorings ginger and vanilla. Of course, most any fruit will do. And with some ingenuity, any bakeware!